LEGO Creation- The Rocbase

Please check out my new LEGO creation- The Rockbase!

A scene from my superhero story- Rock- Revenge, Rock’s secret base lies underground, and includes a helicopter pad, mine shaft, secret door, ladder to above ground, which comes out in the centre of a hollow tree, and a secret spinning bookshelf! I am currently working on a bigger, better version of the LEGO Rockbase, which will include all the elements, and will be built on the base of The LEGO Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, one of my favorite sets ever! Enjoy! ;-)

Rockbase copy

Controls copy

Balcony copy

Rock On Chair copy

Spinning Bookshelf copy

Screens copy

Hellion- Lord Of The Undead (A Photograph)

Here are a few pictures of my LEGO Hellion Minifigure in my LEGO creation- The Underworld (which I will be sharing pictures of soon!) Enjoy!