Scar’s Henchman in LEGO

I’m thinking about making an army of Scar’s henchman. If my parents let me, I’m going to order 9 of these off Ebay to do so:

(The body of the Lego Mime from Minifigure Series 2)

Full Figure-

Your Favourite LEGO Minifigure Series Poll

Minifigure Series 6

Series 6.jpg

We got 2 Minifigure Series 6 packets yesterday, after my acting class. We finally got the Minotaur (our favourite figure of the whole Minifigure Series Range so far)!! I am using the minotaur idea and LEGO figure to help with a story about Rock and The Butterflies that I’m writing.

What are your favourites in the series?

LEGO Superheroes and Supervillains

If I want to buy something, I have to put it on a spreadsheet and in 21 days, if i still want it, i can get it. So I decided, as I wouldn’t be getting any LEGO at all for at least 18 days, that i’d make some of my own superheroes and villains :-)

  1. (Picture 3:) Wasp
  2. (Picture 4:) Falcon
  3. (Picture 5:) Kraven
  4. (Picture 6:) Vision
  5. (Picture 7:) Cable