LEGO Creation- The Rocbase

Please check out my new LEGO creation- The Rockbase!

A scene from my superhero story- Rock- Revenge, Rock’s secret base lies underground, and includes a helicopter pad, mine shaft, secret door, ladder to above ground, which comes out in the centre of a hollow tree, and a secret spinning bookshelf! I am currently working on a bigger, better version of the LEGO Rockbase, which will include all the elements, and will be built on the base of The LEGO Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, one of my favorite sets ever! Enjoy! ;-)

Rockbase copy

Controls copy

Balcony copy

Rock On Chair copy

Spinning Bookshelf copy

Screens copy

Minifigure Series 9

Check out the lineup for Minifigure Series 9, due to be released in the new year! The new policeman rocks! They should replace all the LEGO City Police officers with this design, don’t you think!? :D

And the alien avenger is awesome with a capital A! :D

Please tell me what you think! :D

LEGO Set- Dolby Island

Another scene from my book “Art of the Ninja”, which I have just today finished! :D


Here’s the description: (I <3 writing these lol :lol:)

“Exandit and Oliver Stone are in a deadly fight to the death. Raising his sword high, Exandit prepares for the killer blow. Can Crystal come to the rescue, or is she too late!? You Decide”

Please check out more of my LEGO Rock sets!

Mountain Climb

Park Attack

The Vision

New Sets January 2013: 76005 LEGO Daily Bugle Showdown Details and Prices

LEGO Superheroes (Spiderman)

Daily Bugle Showdown 76005

$49.99 / Approx £30-40

This awesome set includes…

  • 5 brilliantly detailed minifigures: Jonah Jameson, Spiderman, Dr. Doom, Beetle and Nova)!
  • White web plus threads for Spidey!
  • Ladders to make your way up the Daily Bugle!
  • “DBC” signs above door and below roof area!
  • Satellite ariel to broadcast your fantastic news stories!!
  • Interior includes table with lamp!

And NO Peter Parker!!! :-(

LEGO News- Aquaman on Ice

Now, these are some really awesome sets, don’t you think?!


Le shspidermanjagdspidercycle.jpg

Le shbatmanvsmrfreezeaquamanaufeis.jpg

Which ones are you going to buy?

New LEGO City Sets 2013

Check out all these new LEGO City sets. Look to me like LEGO Fire are quite big next year. But there are hardly any police sets at all. And to be honest, the LEGO Police theme is perhaps one of my favorites (Last year I got the LEGO Police Station- That animation you saw a few days back used it in fact). And then, there’s the LEGO Fire sets. I’ve never bought one. I doubt I ever will.

LEGO Police Station Stop Motion Animation Take 2

Now, the first time I filmed this scene, the lighting was bad. A LEGO camera wobbled randomly (i.e. I moved it when putting minifigs into position!), and Laser  (the villain wearing Indy’s jacket and sleek black hair in a mop that covers part of his face). Him. He was standing on one foot for about five seconds. It was gash! But this one. I’m actually pretty pleased with it. The lighting is perfect too. I must say too, great thanks to my Dad, who turned my pictures into a stop motion animation!

LEGO The Hobbit Sets Revealed!!

Check out these new LEGO The Hobbit sets due to be released December 1st!!

Riddles For The Ring

Escape From Mirkwood Spiders

Attack of the Wargs

An Unexpected Gathering

Barrel Escape

The Goblin King Battle

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