“They Stole The Precious! Sneaky Little Hobbits’es!”

Here is a photo I took yesterday called “Gollum Vs Smeagle”, depicting a scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_aziIIp8U8) suggested by fellow blogger and author, Charles Yallowitz:

Smeagle V Gollum 2 copy

If anyone else wishes for me to take a photograph depicting another of your favourite scenes from the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, I would be happy to do so! Just leave a comment here on my post: What’s your Favourite Scene from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy?

What’s Your Favourite Scene From The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy???????

Having started watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy all over again, I was inspired to take some pictures based on scenes from the Lord Of The Rings. This scene is based on where, in the third film in the trilogy, the Orcs attack Rohan, smashing through the doors with a battering ram, blowing up the walls with explosives, and last but not least, climbing up the walls with ladders. The ladders behind the battlements are King Theodon, Haldir (But I usually play him as Legolas, cos Legolas is cooler :-) ), and Gimli the dwarf (He’s awesome! Lol :D)

Orc Climbs The Wall

This was one of my favourite scenes in Lord Of The Rings.

What’s your favourite scene from the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy?

Please tell me your favourite scene from the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, and, if you wish, I’ll capture it in a photo for you!

Tyron Bodrey, Prime Minister Of The Glancoln State – A Photograph

Here are some pictures I took of the Prime Minister of the Glancoln State (Tyron Bodrey). The building he is in is the Government Building, which has an underground mine cart running to the Rockbase, which Rock constructed, and only Rock knows about. Enjoy!

Prime Minister 2 copy Prime Minister 3 copy Prime Minister copy

LEGO Exandit- Jail Break Out

“Exandit, the city’s most wanted criminal, has been jailed! Can his trusty sidekick get past Agent Brayden J. Wilberforce and rescue his master?! You Decide!” – I like writing these bits lol :lol: -