Photographing for New Rap Cover

I have been photographing for the cover of my latest rap “Bright and Early”. I photographed my bedroom clock to fit in with the line of my first verse “Get up about six-oclock/Cos time is tickin’ away, tick tock tick tock” and the alarm bell merged into my beat near the beginning of the rap.

Here’s my finished cover and underneath, my new track!

BNE Cover Small Cropped n Darkened

My First Rap: “Trendz”

The Cover (designed by myself) for my new Single, "Trendz".

I haven’t been posting much recently. Thats because I’ve writing and working on a rap tune!

I have liked listening to rap for a long time, and I have written many poems (And after all, rap is poetry). So I decided to write my own rap. Have a listen to it on my blog “Geo-M’s Music Blog” here!

You can also check out my SoundCloud account here.

I hope you enjoy :-)


The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks to Aka Teraka for nominating me!

You can check out his blog here:

The rules of the award are:

Display the award logo, link back to the person who nominated you, state 9 things about yourself, nominate 9 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

Here Are 9 Facts About Myself:

  • I love to listen to music while chilling out in my room, and while writing poetry and stories in my notepad. My favourite song at the moment is Sufjan Stevens: Impossible Soul!



  • Everyone likes receiving blog awards… but I also like making them. I am the founder of The Silver Quill Blogger Award, and may make another sometime in the future! (I don’t think the Silver Quill was successful… there were too few people that had been nominated at the beginning, maybe? I did a Google search and I don’t think anyone has been nominated for The Silver Quill Blogger Award since September 2012 :-( … Anyway…
  • (This is a topical one :-) ) I do not mind frost… or snow really, because even know it is very cold, it is also very beautiful (Though neither get me out of school, as I’m home educated :mad: :mad: lol :D
  • One of my favourite places to take photographs is Wolferton! Yesterday’s poet was a picture from Wolferton, and I’ve taken many more! I also loved the scenery at Deal, so that was a good place to take photos (There are lots of pics from Deal in my Photography Gallery if you want to check them out! Thanks!)

Sun And Golden Skies (Wolferton) copy


  • I love The Lord of The Rings! I’ve already watched the series once, and now I’m watching it again! :-)
  • I love writing poetry and stories, drawing, sketching and much more. I figure, that If I was at school, I probably wouldn’t be doing these sorts of things. Partly because I wouldn’t have much spare time, and partly because the school environment would probably give me more of an ego and I would consider it UNCOOL 8-)
  • I text A LOT! I first got a phone in 2008, to go to a Festival called “The End Of The Road”! I didn’t start using it much though since 2012! :-)
  • My favourite colour is black (yes, black). I like to wear black clothes… black hoodie, black trousers… so some might consider me a goth :lol:
  • I don’t make much of a fuss at all about Xmas… though I actually get a bit anxious, and stressed (Which probably isn’t normal or good for someone my age :-) )

And here are my nominees:

Congrats to all my nominees! ;-)

A Brilliant Christmas

I had a great Christmas yesterday. In the morning, me and my brother sat up in our mum and dad’s room with a cup of tea, and opened our stockings.


I got a disc of my favourite band- Tallest Man On Earth! I got a LEGO Minifigure from the new series (9)! And I got some ‘choices’ dark chocolates!

After breakfast, we went into the living room, and opened some of our other presents. I got The LEGO Batcave and Orc Forge, which I absolutely can’t wait to build!!! :D We  also saved a few presents each to open later!


I loved Christmas this year. We were all in a good mood, and had a laugh and a joke. And you might have a laugh also when you hear this:

Last Christmas, Mum got a reddish brown scarf from Gran. As much as she liked it, it was just too big, and she eventually donated it to the charity shop…

This year, Mum and her friends agreed that they would each get each others presents from charity shops this Christmas, just for fun. Mum began to dig into the wrapping paper of her last present. And guess what she found inside. The same scarf she had got for Christmas just last year!!!!!! :D


At About 11, we drove to Gran and Granddad’s house for a roast lunch! From Gran And Grandad, we received “The Battle Of Helm’s Deep”. one of my favourite sets of all time! (This set might even take me more time than I took building Endor! :eek: )

We also got some luscious marzipan fruits, and Just Dance 4, which I really wanted. After we’d opened our presents, we helped Gran with the roast lunch. Chopping carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, setting thew table, putting things in the oven. And then it was time to eat!!!! The vegetables were soft (and expertly chopped ;-) ), the chicken was nice, and the chicken leg was buttery and delicious! The mash was crispy, and the roast potatoes were cooked to absolute perfection. It was delicious!!! I think, however, I might’ve had just a little bit too much to eat :???: :lol:

9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep™

Photo Credit:


At home, me and Rafe built the Orc Forge, which is an awesome set. I absolutely love the winch and the light brick is awesome! :razz: After a light dinner (still full up from the afternoon’s roast lunch), we watched the strictly come dancing Christmas Special. It was okay, but I felt the judges would give a few nines and a ten regardless of how well the couple danced. Or was it a bonus +3 marks to the score for Christmas?? :D

Photo Credit: LEGO. com


Should have watched the Doctor Who Xmas Special :-(

(Never mind, at least I recorded it! :D)

Please comment and tell me about your Christmas. What presents did you get? Did you go somewhere nice? Did you watch The Strictly Xmas Special… did you thing it was good? :D

Hope you all had a great Christmas! ;-)


Sufjan Stevens- Videos, Polls And Reviews

Now one of my favourite artists at the moment is Sufjan Stevens! His songs are beautiful and emotive! Here are some of my favourites of his!

Please tell me what you think of his songs, and I would love if you could vote for your favourite!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thanks to Papizilla who nominated me for this award. Check out his blog here!

Here are my nominees:


For my nominees, here are the rules of Participation:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

And last, but not least, :D, 7 facts about me! Here we go!

  1. I love sarcasm!!! And it is NOT the lowest form of wit lol :lol:
  2. Some of my favourite bands lately are Mountain Goats, Robyn Hitchcock, Public Enemy and The Tallest Man On Earth!
  3. I love to write stories… however, I rarely finish them :lol:
  4. I have all my best ideas in bed at night so I keep a notepad nearby! :lol:
  5. I love peanut butter! I could never live without it! :D
  6. I’ve never been abroad,  but I’d like to visit Spain, France and America (to see my cousins!)
  7. I love using smilies in texts, gmail and blog comments! ;-) :roll: :razz: :eek: :!: :???: :lol:

KIds On The Run

One of my favourite songs at the moment is The Tallest Man On Earth’s “Kids On The Run”. Yesterday, I decided to draw a piece of art to go with the beautiful, emotional song. Inspired to draw what I thought the song meant using the riddle of beautiful lyrics of the song.

Here is my finished piece:

Now, I think this song is about two lovers who are both married, but had an affair.

Let me describe what all of these images above mean. And how I interpreted the song.

Bottom Left: The Golden Fields of Corn Are Turning White.

“Where the promise to lead what is right
As we both know how fields will turn white”

I think this means the marriage has gone cold. That the two lovers no longer love their husband and wife… that they love each other.

Bottom Right: A Ring With Glinting Jewels.

This simply symbolizes marriage, as both the lover’s are married. But the ring looks stranded, abandoned. This is how the marriage is.

Left: Two shadows reach out to each other through a black void to touch their ringed hands together.

This symbolizes perhaps the bondage that cannot be. They reach out, but cannot quite reach each other.

Left: (Above) An eye welling with tears.

Inspired by my favorite two verses (or stanzas) of the song:

“And the reflections in their eyes
Sure could paint us as killers
Oh, I’ll be there.

And til the terror of our time
Could forgive us as lovers
Oh, lets break some hearts”

Right: A Golden Sun Shining Across The Black Hills

Inspired by these lines:

“Oh meet me when the morning fails on the fields of desire
Oh meet me when I lost my part in the choir of dusk”

Top Left: Two flames licking each others fiery wisps.

“When we’re feeding fire with the flames til no memories gone”

Top Right: An icy breath of air over a black black storm cloud.

This cloud is a symbol of darkness. And the wisp symbolizes the cold sky.

“And the cold sky will write us a song
But will we ever confess what we’ve done?
Guess we’re still kids on the run”

I Win!!! ** JUST DANCE 2 COMPETITION!! ** ** Music Videos From Rihanna and Franz Ferdinand!! **

Yesterday, I had this Wii (JUST DANCE) dance competition with a friend called Bryony. Now, I thought she was going to absolutely thrash me at every song. We took it in turns to choose songs. She first picked Rihanna S.O.S. I got 10,030 and she got 9100! I was so amazed that I had beaten her! Then, I chose Holiday. And I beat her at that too! And the next song! And the next! But then, maybe I got a bit too overconfident ‘cos I then lost to her on “Jump” by 3000!! :D

What sort of scores do you average on Just Dance?