Why Do You Steal From Nature? – A Poem

I actually wrote this poem here to go with some photos which you can check out here on my Art Photography Blog.

Why Do You Steal From Nature?

Why do you steal from nature?

When nature is perfect!

And one of it beauties

Perhaps, it constantly changes.

Vainly attempt to preserve

Its brilliance

And do you feel better?

Oh do you?

Do you?

Or do you feel


And is it still so glorious

When you’ve torn it from its place

On Earth

And its encased

Inside a block of glass

In a cabinet

In a draw

In a cupboard

In a room

In a house

In a street

In a city

In a landscape

Where nature is no longer to be seen.

And don’t you feel it was all in vain

Don’t you wish as you look upon what you’ve done

That you’d left nature alone.

Don’t you see, there’s no life left

Now inside that block of glass.

A species dead because of you.

And oh god, I am one of you…

And think.

If you hadn’t have






It wouldn’t have ended up like this.

Nature wouldn’t be scarred like this.

Species wouldn’t become extinct

Don’t you feel guilt?

Big Cats- A Drawing

I drew these three wild cats yesterday evening. (Top Left: Lion. Bottom Left: Panther.  Bottom Right: Cheetah)

big cats

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