Forever Sketching!!

Taken for an art assignment.

Taken for an art assignment.

Although a lot of my time has been spent reading up about the culture of hip-hop (I am composing a in-depth project/book), reading a very useful book simply titled How to Rap- which includes flow (diagrams can be very useful for this), rhythm, delivery, writing, editing, beats, freestyling and collaborating- and finally writing bars/lines of rap… I have still been drawing :D I have been participating in sketching challenges every week almost consistently for years! Some of them I have not been so pleased with the outcome of, but this is one of my favourites, and happens to be the latest.

You may very well see a sketch under the topic “Something Beginning With L” sometime soon, as I believe that is the title of the next assignment.

Photographing for New Rap Cover

I have been photographing for the cover of my latest rap “Bright and Early”. I photographed my bedroom clock to fit in with the line of my first verse “Get up about six-oclock/Cos time is tickin’ away, tick tock tick tock” and the alarm bell merged into my beat near the beginning of the rap.

Here’s my finished cover and underneath, my new track!

BNE Cover Small Cropped n Darkened

My Photography Blog

I posted a lot of photos I was very pleased with on Geo’s Art Photography Blog, but I think it is time to merge my two blogs now…

So I deleted my photography blog… all my photographs now I will post on my blog here! :-) That way, I’ll post more often, but just on one blog site.

George’s Potato Yoghurt Salad

Potato Salad

Potato Salad (2)

Potato Salad (3)

George’s Potato Yoghurt Salad


2 large potatoes (cut into medium sized chunks)

3 tbsps of yoghurt (I used thick goats yoghurt, Greek Yoghurt would be equally as nice, but any will do)

1/2 a tin of chickpeas- rinse so they are not too salty

Small chunk of fresh ginger – finely diced

Handful of coriander, de-stalked and chopped

Handful of sultanas

Squeeze of lemon juice

Sprinkle of seasoning


Cut the potatoes into evenly sized chunks and place in a saucepan. Cover in a kettle of boiling water. Bring to boil. Turn down and boil for a further 10-12 minutes. Then leave to cool.

Place potato in a bowl, and add ginger, coriander, chickpeas, sultanas and lemon juice. Season. Add enough yoghurt just to coat the potatoes. This should be around 3 tbsps, but put in however much you think best.

Enjoy :-)

Why Do You Steal From Nature? – A Poem

I actually wrote this poem here to go with some photos which you can check out here on my Art Photography Blog.

Why Do You Steal From Nature?

Why do you steal from nature?

When nature is perfect!

And one of it beauties

Perhaps, it constantly changes.

Vainly attempt to preserve

Its brilliance

And do you feel better?

Oh do you?

Do you?

Or do you feel


And is it still so glorious

When you’ve torn it from its place

On Earth

And its encased

Inside a block of glass

In a cabinet

In a draw

In a cupboard

In a room

In a house

In a street

In a city

In a landscape

Where nature is no longer to be seen.

And don’t you feel it was all in vain

Don’t you wish as you look upon what you’ve done

That you’d left nature alone.

Don’t you see, there’s no life left

Now inside that block of glass.

A species dead because of you.

And oh god, I am one of you…

And think.

If you hadn’t have






It wouldn’t have ended up like this.

Nature wouldn’t be scarred like this.

Species wouldn’t become extinct

Don’t you feel guilt?

George’s Art Photography Blog

Hey! I have created a new blog especially for my photography, called “George’s Art Photography Blog”.

Please check it out here, and let me tell you a little about it! This is George’s Art Photography Blog’s about page:

Hi, I’m George.

I’m an aspiring young photographer who has recently participated in a 6-week photography course and has had his photos displayed in a professional art gallery along with other works from young photographers.

I love creative photography and art photography, placing and setting up scenes to photograph, and experimenting with colours, effects and angles. You will find little landscape photography on this blog, yet I hope you will enjoy the photography I will be showing although it may sometimes be abstract or dark! I hope to portray emotion and deep meaning in all of my photographs, but I will also be participating in photography challenges :-)

I hope you like my photos and they are deep and though-provoking and they have a lot to say! :-)

Photo Gallery

Firstly; sorry I took so long to reply to all of your comments :-)

Secondly; Friday was the opening night of the photography exhibition. In the course we had been given three themes, and two weeks to complete each theme. The themes were “Fear”, “Emotion”, and ONE image for “Your Life”. I have learnt so much from the course and working with Phil Barrington, a professional photographer, that when its over, I have decided 1. That I am going to start taking part in some online Photography challenges and 2. That I am going to try and find a camera club to join. Taking part in challenges will help me also in building my Portfolio, ready to (hopefully) gain a Bronze Arts Award :)

Anyway, here are my exhibition photos:

I was one of the youngest taking part in the course and I wasn’t always sure about my photos, or their quality, but Phil actually says he likes my photos a lot, especially Dark Expression. I think Dark Expression is quite thought provoking; his blank face could be so many things. I imagine he’s almost trying to play hard but really he feels like crying, he can almost feel the stares of many on his back. But I think my favourites are “Forever Trapped” and “Head In Hands” which were placed just inside the door, besides each other in the gallery :)

Sorry Haven’t Posted For Ages: Civ5 Modpack + Art Photography Course

Sorry I haven’t posted in AGES!

I have been creating a huge civ mod, adding promotions, buildings, a new era with new technologies, and more!

I have been doing an art photography course run by Phil Barrington, and have so been busy taking photographs and writing up for my portfolio. At the end of the course, I should be able to gain a Bronze Arts Award. Fingers crossed :-)

So thats pretty much why. Hopefully I will be able to post more soon and catch up with you all!!! :D

Photograph Gallery- Holiday In Suffolk

These are pictures I took while on holiday in Pakefield, Suffolk. We went to many different beaches, including Southwold, Aldeburgh, and Sizewell.

Icad #8- Inspired by a Photograph

This icad was inspired by a photograph I took while on holiday at Deal- Lights on the Horizon at Night.

icad #8

I again used 4 and 6B pencils, to smudge the colour. I like this style… I think it makes the different areas of lightness merge more smoothly, and the colour looks more solid.
You should try it :-) If you want very light areas, put occasional lines or dashes and smudge them, or smudge a dark area of colour into the white space with your fingertip to get a light area of colour.

This is Lights on the Horizon at Night, the inspiration of my icad… a dark, abstract photograph, with a boat out at sea, its lights shining across the ocean:

Lights On The Horizon Night