New Look!!!!!!!!!!! (Customizing Your Blog’s Background!!!)

How do you like the new look to my blog? :D

You may have noticed, I have customized the background of my blog, so it now shows my photograph, Sun And Golden Skies! I never even knew you could do that :D

(Anyway, here’s what you do:

  • Go to Themes
  • On your chosen theme, select Customize
  • Click Background Image
  • Below an empty white box (The space your chosen photo will soon fill), there should be a tag named Upload New.
  • Click on that, and then it gives you two options: Drop A File Here, or Select A File. )

Sun And Golden Skies (Wolferton) copy

Wolferton, Frost and Photoshopping!

Here are a few pictures modified from pictures I took at Wolferton last week!

Sun And Golden Skies

(Original: Sun Over Plains)

By changing the colour balance, this picture instantly looks like a sunset or sunrise, and the colours are much more summery and bright, I doubt you would think of it was being a winter’s day… :D

Sun And Golden Skies (Wolferton) copy

Purple Haze (Reddish Skies)

(Original: Purple Haze)

A slight modification of my photograph Purple Haze. The sky and scrub are more reddish! :D

Purple Haze 2 (Reddish Sky)

Please check out more of my Wolferton Pictures!

Fern Leaf And Frost

Cows And Pine From Valley

Droplet (Wolferton)

Sun Over Plains

Purple Haze

Sun Through Evergreens


And as always, you can check out my photography gallery here, which contains more than 16 of my best photographs!! :D

Rocky Cliffs Colour and Sketch

Here is one of my favourite pieces of art I’ve ever made. A scene from Mt. Paiberg, it is a picture of steep, rocky, crumbly cliffs with trees in the backdrop and foreground and a river running along the bottom.

Rocky Cliffs

Rocky Cliffs Sketch