A Collection of Sketches

Well there’s a collection of all the Sketch Tuesday (http://harmonyfinearts.org) assignments I’ve taken part in over the last 8-10 weeks! :-) Unfortunately, I didn’t take part in last week’s assignment! Been quite busy; Gym yesterday, swimming on all the others lol :D (in the club now). Plus I’ve been working on a Parody of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow :D Then there’s all the other music I’m working on! How’s everyone’s week been? :-)

Cif Cleaner- a Sketch Tuesday Assignment

Cif Cleaner

This weeks Sketch Tuesday assignment was “Something you use to clean (around) the house”. Sounds like quite a dull task really. I, however, preferred the idea of drawing the Cif cleaner packaging, rather than a sponge or a dustpan. Was fairly pleased with the finished article, the proportions I got right, I think.

If you want to participate in the next Sketch Tuesday challenge, check out: http://harmonyfinearts.org/

LEGO Bank- A Drawing

Lego Bank

I drew this last week for an art assignment, which was “Draw An Object Made of LEGO or other building blocks”. This is part of a small LEGO Batman set I received for Christmas a few years ago. It is only small, however it is about the only LEGO building that I’ve managed to keep in one piece and resist the temptation of deconstructing in order to use some of the nicer looking bricks :p

Forever Sketching!!

Taken for an art assignment.

Taken for an art assignment.

Although a lot of my time has been spent reading up about the culture of hip-hop (I am composing a in-depth project/book), reading a very useful book simply titled How to Rap- which includes flow (diagrams can be very useful for this), rhythm, delivery, writing, editing, beats, freestyling and collaborating- and finally writing bars/lines of rap… I have still been drawing :D I have been participating in sketching challenges every week almost consistently for years! Some of them I have not been so pleased with the outcome of, but this is one of my favourites, and happens to be the latest.

You may very well see a sketch under the topic “Something Beginning With L” sometime soon, as I believe that is the title of the next assignment.

Sunglasses- A Sketch

I haven’t done a drawing for quite a long while now, it was nice to do one again. I guess I just needed some inspiration. It was a Sketch Tueday assignment: Draw a pair of something. I decided on a pair of my sunglasses. Not my best (but then again, I’m not in practice)


I have also been taking photos for a cover for my latest rap song I designed. I’ll be sharing them soon too!!

My Photography Blog

I posted a lot of photos I was very pleased with on Geo’s Art Photography Blog, but I think it is time to merge my two blogs now…

So I deleted my photography blog… all my photographs now I will post on my blog here! :-) That way, I’ll post more often, but just on one blog site.

Converse Trainer Sketch + Wow! Sorry Haven’t Posted for Ages

Hey guys :D Wow! Haven’t posted for a very long while.

Well I have been working on a Civ Mod, which adds 6 new military units (including a new scouting unit) and 1 new civilian unit. The mod will hopefully be available for anyone who wants it to download on the Steam workshop. I’ve been working on a novel, which at the moment I have only written about 20 pages on, and hasn’t really even got to the first bit of action. So those I cannot really post until I’ve finished both of them :-)

But, yesterday I felt like doing a little sketch. I decided to draw a converse shoe. I am actually very pleased with how it came out, especially the loopholes and laces. What do you think of it?

Converse Trainer

LEGO Starship

Here is my newly-built LEGO Star-ship built in the style of a WW2 Battleship:


Here is the 4 room interior:

Control Room

Control Room

Living Quarters

Living Quarters

Bar (/Restaurant)


Freezer Room

Freezer Room

Each room, except from the Living Quarters and Control Room which are connected, is separated from the next by a white-brick archway :-)

(Below: A view through the two arches.)

Through The Ship

The ship is paraded by armored troops, but the Ship also has other defenses……..

Laser Turrets

This (above) is the central laser-turret. There is a laser at both the front and back. All turn side to side and up and down flexibly! The other two are visible from the first image.

George’s Art Photography Blog

Hey! I have created a new blog especially for my photography, called “George’s Art Photography Blog”.

Please check it out here, and let me tell you a little about it! This is George’s Art Photography Blog’s about page:

Hi, I’m George.

I’m an aspiring young photographer who has recently participated in a 6-week photography course and has had his photos displayed in a professional art gallery along with other works from young photographers.

I love creative photography and art photography, placing and setting up scenes to photograph, and experimenting with colours, effects and angles. You will find little landscape photography on this blog, yet I hope you will enjoy the photography I will be showing although it may sometimes be abstract or dark! I hope to portray emotion and deep meaning in all of my photographs, but I will also be participating in photography challenges :-)

I hope you like my photos and they are deep and though-provoking and they have a lot to say! :-)

Photo Gallery

Firstly; sorry I took so long to reply to all of your comments :-)

Secondly; Friday was the opening night of the photography exhibition. In the course we had been given three themes, and two weeks to complete each theme. The themes were “Fear”, “Emotion”, and ONE image for “Your Life”. I have learnt so much from the course and working with Phil Barrington, a professional photographer, that when its over, I have decided 1. That I am going to start taking part in some online Photography challenges and 2. That I am going to try and find a camera club to join. Taking part in challenges will help me also in building my Portfolio, ready to (hopefully) gain a Bronze Arts Award :)

Anyway, here are my exhibition photos:

I was one of the youngest taking part in the course and I wasn’t always sure about my photos, or their quality, but Phil actually says he likes my photos a lot, especially Dark Expression. I think Dark Expression is quite thought provoking; his blank face could be so many things. I imagine he’s almost trying to play hard but really he feels like crying, he can almost feel the stares of many on his back. But I think my favourites are “Forever Trapped” and “Head In Hands” which were placed just inside the door, besides each other in the gallery :)