Who’s In Charge Project: Chapter 8- Anarchy

I think It’s probably about time I told you that I’m home-educated, if you didn’t know before :-) That means that I don’t go to school, and that I’m home-tutored by my mum! At home, we get to do lots more art and creative writing. We get to illustrate our projects, and sometimes, we’ve made them into lapbooks, in my opinion one of the best possible ways to set out a project! I also get to chose what I want to learn. I am very interested in how the government works, and so I did this project on it: Who’s In Charge. Here is chapter 8- Anarchy! (my favourite :D ) Enjoy!


What is Anarchy?

Anarchy means ‘without rule’ and is where there is no-one in charge. Everyone can do whatever they want and there are no rules at all. This may sound great on paper – however, there is one major difference between anarchy and the other forms of government; that is that anarchy has never actually been successful!

Why Anarchies Arise

Anarchy can arise when the government is weak and collapses or is overthrown. An example of this was in Spain in the 1930s during the civil war. The government was weak and was overthrown. Local Communists unities took charge and organized things without help or permission from the government. Large parts of Spain were run by anarchic groups and this helped people get on with normal lives during the war.

All My Poems So Far

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Those Four Words

Those four words, those four words

Cut through my heart like a knife through warm butter

Leaving a gaping chasm

Now I stand, soulless and heart-broken

And although in pain, nothing can pain me no more

Those four words, those four words

Shredded my heart like scissors through paper

They scattered the pieces far

Now I stand, a dark and empty corpse

And although in pain, nothing can pain me no more.

Those four words, those four words

Cut through my heart like a knife through warm butter

And lifeless I lay; until that same blade does mend me.

You- Like Nothing Else

Your smile like the sun

Burning down into darkness

Your song like the birds

Singing their beautiful melody

Your movement like the waves

Swishing with elegance and peace.

You- Like Nothing Else

Radiant and Captivating

Shining Axe Poem

I wander through the wild wood-land
Where the great oak trees stand
As the trees dance and swing
The gentle wind does calmly sing
Its beautiful song of peace
But then suddenly; the tune does cease
Something is terribly wrong
In the forest, strong
Here come men into the land
Shining axes in each hand
With their axes they chop and thump
Until every tree becomes a stump
And as the trees do crack and splinter
They leave the wood like a heath in winter
I stagger through the naked wood
Where the great oak trees stood.
Lair of the VillainsDeep in the Villains secret lairPitch black ‘cept the lanterns do flarePassageways that seem never-ending

Paths twisting and bending -

Into the farthest room

Where the villains do loom

With their gun and their sack

Planning their moves round their table of black

The secret lair of a criminal

Where crime is commonplace and light is minimal.

Mountains Poem

Marvellous, still snow topped mountain, steep

Over the moon, to the top- the fluffy sheep

Unique mountain, standing tall

Never falling, stronger than all

To rain, no, never warm, only cold

Anything will fall against it, majestic and bold

In the sky, in the flock

Never falling, solid rock

Crystalline Being

C    atching the eyes of its keepers with

R    ibbons of blue glittering light.

Y     ea, such beautiful crystalline beings;

S     abre-sharp, fine.

T    winkling like a torch in the

A    byssal caves under the crust of our

L    and. Transparent beauty-

S     abre-sharp, fine.

Desert Island

To a desert island

S’where we float

Explore then return to the…

Ummm… where’s the boat!?

Smoothie PoemSmoothie, a shade of berry pinkIt’s so delicious, a lovely drink

Sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with cream,

You couldn’t find a better drink in your dreams!

Smoothie Poem 2.0

Smoothie, a shade of berry pink

It’s so delicious, a lovely drink

Sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with cream,

It’s a refreshing fruity, sugary dream


O    h, how elegantW   ise, mysterious. Such aL     ethal hunter

Shining Guardian

Vicious, beautifulThe guardian of the nightFly- twilight hunter

Nocturnal Magic

Silent, glowing whiteSo beautiful and wiseNocturnal magicWinter

W     histling winds sweep across the lands

I     ce cold hail, bitter blizzards

N    asty Frostbite. Freezing cold.

T     emparatures drop. Footprints

E     tched into the snow

R     ivers freeze over. The wind whispers- winter

Fractured Bone Poem

Fracture crack

Fracture bend

Fracture crack

Fracture mend

Fracture bend, mend, crack

Fracture crack, bend, mend

Fracture bone

Fracture clicks

Fracture bone

Fracture fix


Fracture click, fix, bone

Fracture bone, clicks, fix

Cinnamon or Cinnamomum Zeylandicum

When the inner bark of a cinnamon tree is dried you can use it in all sorts of things to help with colds, flu, wind, coughs, vomiting, cramp, diarrhoea, indigestion and dysentery.

Cinnamon is used in teas, sweets, pastes and ciders and also to spice meals, such as curries. It has a delicious sweet and spicy taste. Just like with the liquorice sticks, a cinnamon stick is delicious to chew on.

DYK Duo:

Brushing your teeth with finely ground cinnamon powder helps whiten your teeth.

Ants don’t like cinnamon at all. If you want to keep ants away, you know what to use.