Sometimes- A Poem


“Leave!” I say.

My words sting my dry lips

I never knew of one,

Who broke his own heart

But sometimes…

One must do evil

To do good!


Above is a poem I wrote yesterday inspired by a scene in White Fang, the film:


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The Rains Of Love- A Poem

Fields of corn sway gently in the breeze

Soft and beautiful birdsong fills the air

Flowers climb towards the rising sun

Burn brightly as they absorb…

The rains of love


This poem describes a beautiful spring! Flowers are blooming brightly! Crops are growing! The birds sing their beautiful song!…

But this poem has a half hidden meaning. The beautiful spring is happiness. And of course…

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved!”

The Winged Child- A Poem


Oh, it is like my heart

Has been set free

From its cage of white

To skip across

The red, red fields of passion

So vulnerable to the golden arrows

Of the winged child


This poem contains some symbolism and similes… see if you can crack it! ;-)

Please comment and give your thoughts and opinion! :D

Bleeding Heart- A Poem

This poem uses repetition of the line “It bleeds and bleeds” to make the poem more effective, like is done in the Villanelle.


My scarred heart

Bleeds and bleeds…

It bleeds and bleeds

Through fresh wounds

It bleeds and bleeds

For a beautiful vision

It bleeds and bleeds

For a world…

… that could not be