LEGO Battle Of Helm’s Deep Review

I got this set for Christmas, and was really pleased with it! I loved building it, and It looks great! The detail is amazing, and the design ingenious! I think every LEGO fan whos bought this set would agree, a great buy!!!

  • A pleasing number of Urak-Hais / Orcs. The Berserker Urak-Hai is especially cool! I would have liked one or two Rohan Soldiers, but It’s clever of LEGO to only include them in the extension set- “Urak-Hai Army”.
  • The skull hidden in the stairs is quite strange, but a pretty cool feature.
  • I love the attention to detail in this set! I really like the box in the tower, which in the film, Gimli uses to hoist himself up onto the ladder, to get to the horn!
  • The throne room is awesome! I love the simple design, and the throne and gold glass and dish are very cool! The crest is very cool too, but I would have liked it not to be a sticker!
  • A really great build! I like the way the parts are easily detachable, so that you can disassemble to move or to store!
  • Great value for money, especially compared to some other themed/licensed sets!
  • Love the colours. I think the occasional turquoise green brick works very well indeed!
  • The minifigs are awesome! My favourite is Aragorn, but Haldir and Theodon are pretty epic too!
  • The way LEGO designed the rounded walls is ingenious! Great design!
  • 7 of the 8 minifigs have double-sided faces, which is always a bonus!
  • The exploding wall is a cool feature, but don’t expect the pieces to go flying in all directions, it really just falls down most of the time! (Unless I’m doing it wrong lol :D)
  • The weapons are very smart! Love the new Orc sword design!

I would love if you could share your opinion on this set, or share with me your reviews! Thanks!

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“Half-Birthday” Presents

One year, our aunt forgot our birthday (in February), and our birthday presents arrived around August. We liked the presents and the idea so much that our aunt decided she would send all our presents every year as Half-Birthday presents. So, she would send them halfway between each birthday, which would be August.
And presently, the month is…



A few days ago, we got the presents. We opened one on Saturday:

Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown

Now usually when I get the set, my favorite bit is the mini-figures. But today it might actually have been the helicopter. It’s an awesome vehicle. A moving propeller, and missile launcher. A lovely design with great colour (I love red!)

And I’m so glad to have Wolverine in LEGO, because he’s our fave X Men. What’s yours?

There is like nothing wrong with this set at all!!

And, the next present we opened on Sunday.

Batmobile and The Two-Face Chase

I have loads of Pros:

  • Again, the Vehicles are awesome.
  • I love Batman, and was glad it was the Black Batman suit because that’s my fave suit.
  • Smash Out Windows on Bank.
  • I think the Gun made from 4 pairs of binoculars is great. Now I’ve had the idea, I’ll be able to make more guns in the same style.
  • Notes. It’s handy to have money in banks and superhero/villain plots, and we only had 1 note before.
  • The fire on the back of the Batmobile is very cool and realistic, and shows that the Car can drive at great speed!
  • It’s easy to get the lid of the Batmobile open and closed.
  • Two-Face is one of the coolest Batman villains to have in LEGO, partly because I’ve seen the Dark Knight with him in:

What’s your favorite Villain?

And Two minor cons:

  • The Bank is a bit small, and It’s hard to smash out the windows or play inside without moving out the crate / safe.
  • No Robin. I thought Robin was like always with Batman, always at his side.

I did think about having Batman having to lean back in his car to fit with the lid closed as a con, but it’s realistic and he looks cooler when he leans back.

Thanks to my Aunt, and hope this review helps you fellow-bloggers and LEGO Lovers :D