A Collection of Sketches

Well there’s a collection of all the Sketch Tuesday (http://harmonyfinearts.org) assignments I’ve taken part in over the last 8-10 weeks! :-) Unfortunately, I didn’t take part in last week’s assignment! Been quite busy; Gym yesterday, swimming on all the others lol :D (in the club now). Plus I’ve been working on a Parody of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow :D Then there’s all the other music I’m working on! How’s everyone’s week been? :-)

Cif Cleaner- a Sketch Tuesday Assignment

Cif Cleaner

This weeks Sketch Tuesday assignment was “Something you use to clean (around) the house”. Sounds like quite a dull task really. I, however, preferred the idea of drawing the Cif cleaner packaging, rather than a sponge or a dustpan. Was fairly pleased with the finished article, the proportions I got right, I think.

If you want to participate in the next Sketch Tuesday challenge, check out: http://harmonyfinearts.org/

Dragon Fruit, Physalis and Rambutan

3 Unusual Fruit

Here is yet another sketch! :-) Now, if you’re thinking “What a strange choice of fruits to choose to draw – I’m not sure if I’ve heard of – let alone tasted – any of these”…. The week’s assignment was “Unusual fruit”, and I haven’t tasted many of them either :D. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any real-life versions of these fruits to draw from (which I always prefer), and so had to draw them from my “MasterChef Kitchen Bible” (GREAT book!!). I also designed the labeling of the fruits in a similar way to the MasterChef book I was drawing from.

Hope you enjoy this one, and feel free to leave a comment, or give me a like :-) I’m sure you’ll see more coming soon!

LEGO Bank- A Drawing

Lego Bank

I drew this last week for an art assignment, which was “Draw An Object Made of LEGO or other building blocks”. This is part of a small LEGO Batman set I received for Christmas a few years ago. It is only small, however it is about the only LEGO building that I’ve managed to keep in one piece and resist the temptation of deconstructing in order to use some of the nicer looking bricks :p

Lime Pickle (and Ramblings About Asian Food)

Lime Pickle

Another sketch (like the last) with a lot of detail :-) This one was perhaps a little harder as I’m not particularly familiar with the Indian alphabet :p

This is a sketch of one of my favourite relishes, a hot lime pickle, which comes from a small shop (“Spice Market”) not far from me; selling Asian and Indian food. The Spice Market opened not long ago – perhaps a couple of months – and already we visit it frequently.

Another of mine (and my family’s) favourite foods from the shop is what are called “Kappalandi Balls”- basically peanuts stuck together with syrup :D We’ve also bought and tried Jackfruit pudding, rice cake, mung daal and several other things from the shop. It makes you realise how boring English/American food is compared to these Asian countries’ cuisine… :D

Preparing Hot Chocolate- A Sketch

One of my favourite sketches out of the ones I’ve drawn lately; for the assignment “(to do with) Hot Chocolate or Tea”. As hot chocolate is my favourite drink, I drew that :D However, I do have a feeling I’ve drawn that very same tub of Green & Black’s Cocoa before…

Draw Something Red- Sketch Tuesday Assigment

Another “Sketch Tuesday” assignment, “Draw Something Red”. As you can see, I drew these plump-looking tomatoes. I payed large attention to the shadow and where the light hit… I did get fed up of the shading after having done two-and-a-half tomatoes, but I managed to carry on and do the rest :D


Sunglasses- A Sketch

I haven’t done a drawing for quite a long while now, it was nice to do one again. I guess I just needed some inspiration. It was a Sketch Tueday assignment: Draw a pair of something. I decided on a pair of my sunglasses. Not my best (but then again, I’m not in practice)


I have also been taking photos for a cover for my latest rap song I designed. I’ll be sharing them soon too!!

Converse Trainer Sketch + Wow! Sorry Haven’t Posted for Ages

Hey guys :D Wow! Haven’t posted for a very long while.

Well I have been working on a Civ Mod, which adds 6 new military units (including a new scouting unit) and 1 new civilian unit. The mod will hopefully be available for anyone who wants it to download on the Steam workshop. I’ve been working on a novel, which at the moment I have only written about 20 pages on, and hasn’t really even got to the first bit of action. So those I cannot really post until I’ve finished both of them :-)

But, yesterday I felt like doing a little sketch. I decided to draw a converse shoe. I am actually very pleased with how it came out, especially the loopholes and laces. What do you think of it?

Converse Trainer