A Collection of Sketches

Well there’s a collection of all the Sketch Tuesday (http://harmonyfinearts.org) assignments I’ve taken part in over the last 8-10 weeks! :-) Unfortunately, I didn’t take part in last week’s assignment! Been quite busy; Gym yesterday, swimming on all the others lol :D (in the club now). Plus I’ve been working on a Parody of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow :D Then there’s all the other music I’m working on! How’s everyone’s week been? :-)

Cif Cleaner- a Sketch Tuesday Assignment

Cif Cleaner

This weeks Sketch Tuesday assignment was “Something you use to clean (around) the house”. Sounds like quite a dull task really. I, however, preferred the idea of drawing the Cif cleaner packaging, rather than a sponge or a dustpan. Was fairly pleased with the finished article, the proportions I got right, I think.

If you want to participate in the next Sketch Tuesday challenge, check out: http://harmonyfinearts.org/

Lime Pickle (and Ramblings About Asian Food)

Lime Pickle

Another sketch (like the last) with a lot of detail :-) This one was perhaps a little harder as I’m not particularly familiar with the Indian alphabet :p

This is a sketch of one of my favourite relishes, a hot lime pickle, which comes from a small shop (“Spice Market”) not far from me; selling Asian and Indian food. The Spice Market opened not long ago – perhaps a couple of months – and already we visit it frequently.

Another of mine (and my family’s) favourite foods from the shop is what are called “Kappalandi Balls”- basically peanuts stuck together with syrup :D We’ve also bought and tried Jackfruit pudding, rice cake, mung daal and several other things from the shop. It makes you realise how boring English/American food is compared to these Asian countries’ cuisine… :D

Preparing Hot Chocolate- A Sketch

One of my favourite sketches out of the ones I’ve drawn lately; for the assignment “(to do with) Hot Chocolate or Tea”. As hot chocolate is my favourite drink, I drew that :D However, I do have a feeling I’ve drawn that very same tub of Green & Black’s Cocoa before…

Forever Sketching!!

Taken for an art assignment.

Taken for an art assignment.

Although a lot of my time has been spent reading up about the culture of hip-hop (I am composing a in-depth project/book), reading a very useful book simply titled How to Rap- which includes flow (diagrams can be very useful for this), rhythm, delivery, writing, editing, beats, freestyling and collaborating- and finally writing bars/lines of rap… I have still been drawing :D I have been participating in sketching challenges every week almost consistently for years! Some of them I have not been so pleased with the outcome of, but this is one of my favourites, and happens to be the latest.

You may very well see a sketch under the topic “Something Beginning With L” sometime soon, as I believe that is the title of the next assignment.