Raspberry And Yoghurt Ice Cream

I got an ice cream maker earlier this month; A Magimix De Glacier, with a 1.1 litre freezer bowl. So far Ive made two ice creams with it. The first was made with coconut milk, and it was not as such ice cream… but a slab of ice… So this time we decided we’d make try and get a better consistency and texture, using yoghurt! Following a recipe that came in the box with my ice cream maker, we made a Raspberry and Yoghurt Ice Cream (Surely that’s a frozen yoghurt? :-) ) . Anyway, sweet, but taut, and actually looking and tasting very ice cream like, I was pretty pleased with it :-) Here’s the recipe:

Raspberry Ice Cream (2)

Raspberry Ice Cream (3)


250g Raspberries

100g Caster Sugar

3ooml Yoghurt (We used St. Helen’s Goats Yoghurt, which has a thick and creamy texture; maybe this helped with the texture of the ice cream)


We served it with chopped hazelnuts and chocolate chips. You could just as easily add these to the actual ice cream; just churn the ice cream for 10 minutes, add the chocolate chips/chopped hazelnuts, and churn for another 1o minutes.


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ADVICE WANTED!!!! (Buying An Ice Cream Maker) + Cooking Progress Updates

  • I am thinking about buying an Ice cream maker soon, and I’d really like some advice on which one would be a good one to buy. I’m looking for a cheap, but good-quality ice cream maker with a relatively small freezer dish. I’d love if you could give me some advice on which ice cream makers match my wants, or ice cream makers you’ve bought and have been very pleased with. Thank you! :D
  • Now, since my post: Pancakes, Masterchef And Weird And Wonderful Foods, I’ve been doing much more cooking. I helped Dad prepare some spicy kale chips for dinner, I chopped the liver and the bacon for the Liver And Bacon stew yesterday, and I helped make some deeeeeelicious Chocolate Truffles coated in chocolate sauce, having the idea to coat some dates in the leftover sauce before pouring it away! I’ve helped at every opportunity, and have been noting down important notes in my Cooking Notes Book! And I’ve been having lots of fun! I’ve discovered recently just how much I love cooking! I’m really pleased! :D

liver & onions copy

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Thanks to Soni for nominating me for this delicious award :D

Now, this is one of my favourite awards… but there is just one thing wrong with it…

… It makes me REALLY REALLY hungry and makes me crave chocolate and coffee cake and lemon drizzle…

… and chocolate buttons… and date flapjack… and chocolate macaroons… and toffee apple and whipped cream.. and iced buns…


Cookies or Cake?

Cake any time! Especially if it’s lemon drizzle or coffee cake :D

Chocolate or Vanilla?

I like Vanilla a lot, but I think I’ll still have to go with chocolate :D

What’s Your Favourite Sweet Treat?

Flapjacks. Always has been. Always will be :D

When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?

When I see pictures of them ;-)

If You Had A Sweet Nickname, What Would It Be?

I’m not really sure If I would like to have a sweet nickname… :D … Okay, okay! :D … Rock-Cake… sweet but hard ;-)

Here are my nominees:








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Sticky Date and Oat Flapjack (Deeelicious!!)

Now this recipe will make you the most delicious pudding ever. A sticky date and oat flapjack. Now, I first got this recipe from Ocado, but modified it a bit. Go to Ocado for the original recipe.

  • 200g chopped, dried dates
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 200g goats’ butter
  • 200g light soft brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 300g oats (soaked oats are better for digestion)

Curry Poll

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Thank you to Thinking Man for nominating me for this award!!

These are the blogs I chose to nominate:








To those who I’ve nominated, these are the rules of the award-

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award
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  3. Answer five simple but super sweet questions

And, finally, here are the questions with my answers below.

  • Cookies or Cake?

This was a hard one, but I’ll have to go with cake!

  • Chocolate or Vanilla?

I like Vanilla ice creams better, but I like chocolate better in most other desserts.

  • What’s Your Favourite Sweet Treat?

No question… Date Flapjack!!

  • When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?

Probably when I see other people eating them :D

  • If You Had A Sweet Nickname, What Would It Be?

Candyman 99 ;-)


For those who feel left out, here is a sweet poll for you :D

What’s Your Favourite Chocolate Bar?

25th July Diary Entry: Herbs, Wounds and Shinies.

We finished our Herbs Lapbook in the morning by completing the last Minibook- Yarrow. After Lunch, we assembled the Lapbook.

We also played football. I fell over and cut open my knee. Luckily, I managed to stop the fall with my hands.

I relaxed in the shade on a comfy blue chair for half-an-hour, and Rafe wandered around saying “I don’t know what to do,” like he often does.

At 4:30, we went in and played the Ds: Pokemon black. I was wondering what deal I’d put up on GTS, when a Shiny Ho-Oh popped out of it’s Poke Ball!! I also received a Shiny Moltres and a Shiny Groudon through GTS Negotiations :D

We had Pastitsio and Salad for dinner (one of my favorite meals), then fruit and homemade yoghurt for pudding. What a summery mealtime!

Before bed, we watched X Men- Deadly Reunions.

Calendula / Marigold or Calendula Officinalis

Pot Marigold- or Calendula – flowers can be a great help to wounds, stings, burns, cuts, chickenpox, measles, aches, fevers, sore eyes, cramp, bleeding, rashes (including Nappy Rash), bronchitis, ulcers, earache, warts (!!!) and skin irritation.

Pot Marigold can be used in teas, powders, salves (the salves may work for animal and pets too) and skin balm. You can also use Marigold flowers as a natural dye (yellow-coloured). Other flowers and berries and barks work for dyeing thing different colours.

Did You Know?

Calendula dye was once used to dye cheese yellow! Nowadays cheese is dyed yellow with a natural colouring called Annatto. Sometimes it is dyed with artificial colours, but this is banned in Europe.

Tomatoes with Gooseberry Jam

In the morning, we made a Chilli to go in the slow cooker ready for dinner. Rafe and Mum went to Rafe’s swimming lesson, so Me and Dad were left to sort out the rest and set the table ready for them returning. We had this Great Idea of Tomato Stuffed with Gooseberry Jam :D

How awesome do they look: