Manga Iron Prominent- A Sketch

Here is a  manga drawing of my superhero, Iron Prominent, who wears full body armour and has the power to blast fire from his eyes. I decided today that I am going to attempt to draw a manga drawing for each of my superheroes in Rock- Revenge. (I have currently drawn Manga Rock and Manga Grey Dagger.) If I achieve that. I’ll probably move onto the villains (I love drawing manga villains :twisted::D )

Manga Iron Prominent copy

Manga Grey Dagger

Here is another manga drawing that I drew yesterday evening! It shows my superhero, Grey Dagger, a member of the Butterflies. Enjoy!

Grey Dagger- A member of The Butterflies, Grey Dagger is strong, fit and ruggedly handsome. His hands grow three long claws from just behind his knuckles, which make him even harder to defeat in battle.

manga grey dagger copy


His chest is tanned, a colour of “Ochre”, his hair ink black. A dagger swings loosely at his belt! His chest is bare, apart from a jet black pauldron!


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Manga Rock- A Sketch

Here is a drawing I did a few days ago! It shows Rock from my story- Rock: Revenge, with his balaclava down and his gloved hand balled into a fist. I did it in a manga style. The hair is pretty manga, don’t you think? It maybe would have been better if it showed more of his legs and less of his torso to fit in with the manga style, but it doesn’t matter too much, as his legs are going over the sides of the page, so he might still have larger legs compared to his torso, which is vital to a classic manga figure! I hope you like it, and feel free to ask questions! I don’t mind constructive criticism, but not any other kinds please! Lol :D Please comment and click like, and if you like this, check out my manga villain here!

manga rock

LEGO Creation: “The Machine”

Here’s another of my LEGO Creations! :-)

Crystal has been captured by the villainous robot-like creatures, Chasm and Blizzard. They plan to copy her powers to create a new and powerful super-villain… Lasereye!

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LEGO Creation- The Rocbase

Please check out my new LEGO creation- The Rockbase!

A scene from my superhero story- Rock- Revenge, Rock’s secret base lies underground, and includes a helicopter pad, mine shaft, secret door, ladder to above ground, which comes out in the centre of a hollow tree, and a secret spinning bookshelf! I am currently working on a bigger, better version of the LEGO Rockbase, which will include all the elements, and will be built on the base of The LEGO Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, one of my favorite sets ever! Enjoy! ;-)

Rockbase copy

Controls copy

Balcony copy

Rock On Chair copy

Spinning Bookshelf copy

Screens copy

Tyron Bodrey, Prime Minister Of The Glancoln State – A Photograph

Here are some pictures I took of the Prime Minister of the Glancoln State (Tyron Bodrey). The building he is in is the Government Building, which has an underground mine cart running to the Rockbase, which Rock constructed, and only Rock knows about. Enjoy!

Prime Minister 2 copy Prime Minister 3 copy Prime Minister copy

LEGO Rock Set- Journey Back Home

As Oliver Stone (Rock) takes a seat on the train back to Cornham City, a newspaper headline catches his eye. It tells of a blackout. But as he reads on, Oliver gets more and more suspicious. This is no ordinary blackout. Car alarms and burglar alarms going off all along the street… Strange figures spotted, with knives…And Oliver knows that a deadly evil is at work…


Oliver Stone copy

Train Carriage 2 copy Train Carriage copy Train Outside copy

My LEGO Creation- Mountain Climb

Grey Dagger and Rock lead as the heroes reach the top of the towering volcano! And deep down in the volcano’s crater… Scar sharpens his claws…