My First Rap: “Trendz”

The Cover (designed by myself) for my new Single, "Trendz".

I haven’t been posting much recently. Thats because I’ve writing and working on a rap tune!

I have liked listening to rap for a long time, and I have written many poems (And after all, rap is poetry). So I decided to write my own rap. Have a listen to it on my blog “Geo-M’s Music Blog” here!

You can also check out my SoundCloud account here.

I hope you enjoy :-)


Sometimes- A Poem


“Leave!” I say.

My words sting my dry lips

I never knew of one,

Who broke his own heart

But sometimes…

One must do evil

To do good!


Above is a poem I wrote yesterday inspired by a scene in White Fang, the film:


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Sufjan Stevens- Videos, Polls And Reviews

Now one of my favourite artists at the moment is Sufjan Stevens! His songs are beautiful and emotive! Here are some of my favourites of his!

Please tell me what you think of his songs, and I would love if you could vote for your favourite!


LEGO Revenge Stop Motion Trailer- Police Station Scene Complete

My Police Station Scene for my LEGO Rock- Revenge Trailer is finally complete!!! Please check it out and tell me what you think!

Meet The Cast:



Scar’s most loyal henchman, Laser’s power is a scorching hot ray of laser from his hand. The intense heat of his fiery fingertips can burn through any metal… and of course that means prison bars!
(For more short, fun, information files on other characters in Rock- Revenge go to my page Rock- Revenge)




Brayden J. Wilberforce


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Grey Dagger Scene

Scar Intro Scene


What Is Rock- Revenge???

Where Did I Get Laser’s Gun???

New LEGO City Sets 2013

Check out all these new LEGO City sets. Look to me like LEGO Fire are quite big next year. But there are hardly any police sets at all. And to be honest, the LEGO Police theme is perhaps one of my favorites (Last year I got the LEGO Police Station- That animation you saw a few days back used it in fact). And then, there’s the LEGO Fire sets. I’ve never bought one. I doubt I ever will.

Holy Sardines Batman (Two Icads)

I had this idea of drawing a LEGO Robin saying “Holy ——”. I had a look at this video on U-Tube and picked my favourite of Robin’s holy sayings; HOLY SARDINES BATMAN! Of course, you may have different faves. Here is the vid:

And here is my Icad:

I also did an Icad with just Batman on it: