Longing Spring- A Poem

Here is a poem I wrote earlier for a Literacy writing project. I haven’t written any poems for a while, so it was sort of good to do one again :-)

Longing Spring

The weakened trees are drooping low

On that hill smothered with snow

Those trees that once stood bold and tall

Look as if any moment they could well fall


The children that just months ago would laugh and play

Now sit inside, beside their fires, all day

Sipping hot cocoa, warming their hands on the cup

Wishing the weather would brighten up


There was Christmas to look forward to, true

But what they really longed to do

Was play with friends of an afternoon, under the sun

‘Til a “dinner time” call came from their mum


They were stranded in a desert island in winter’s sea and

Spring’s grassy mainland nowhere to be seen

They wished away the days until the day

They could once more go outside to play


And they no longer now felt down and glum

Cos finally, finally, the Spring had come

And all of the boys and girls played happily under the sun

‘Til a “dinner time” call came from their mum

Rains Of Love- A Poem

Droplet (Wolferton)

Photograph: Droplet (Wolferton)…
Hear it’s story and the story of my walk at Wolferton here!

Rains Of Love

Soft and beautiful birdsong fills the air

Flowers climb towards the rising sun

Burn brightly as they absorb…

The rains of love

This one of my best poems, in my opinion, and one of my favourite, if not my favourite, photograph I have taken. I think they work well together. What do you think? :D

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Shining Axe- a poem

Shining Axe

I wander through the wild wood-land
Where the great oak trees stand
As the trees dance and swing
The gentle wind does calmly sing
Its beautiful song of peace
But then suddenly; the tune does cease
Something is terribly wrong
In the forest, strong
Here come men into the land
Shining axes in each hand
With their axes they chop and thump
Until every tree becomes a stump
And as the trees do crack and splinter
They leave the wood like a heath in winter
I stagger through the naked wood
Where the great oak trees stood.

Rocky Cliffs Colour and Sketch

Here is one of my favourite pieces of art I’ve ever made. A scene from Mt. Paiberg, it is a picture of steep, rocky, crumbly cliffs with trees in the backdrop and foreground and a river running along the bottom.

Rocky Cliffs

Rocky Cliffs Sketch