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LEGO Set- Cornham Jail

Here is a set I made a few days ago using one of my favourite LEGO bricks, the prison doors from 7498- LEGO City Police Station! Enjoy!

“Exandit has been imprisoned! His one chance to kill his arch-enemy, Rock, he failed. But little does he know, he will soon get another… …”

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Dolby Island

LEGO Set- Dolby Island

Another scene from my book “Art of the Ninja”, which I have just today finished! :D


Here’s the description: (I <3 writing these lol :lol:)

“Exandit and Oliver Stone are in a deadly fight to the death. Raising his sword high, Exandit prepares for the killer blow. Can Crystal come to the rescue, or is she too late!? You Decide”

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Hellion- Lord Of The Undead (A Photograph)

Here are a few pictures of my LEGO Hellion Minifigure in my LEGO creation- The Underworld (which I will be sharing pictures of soon!) Enjoy!

The Rains Of Love- A Poem

Fields of corn sway gently in the breeze

Soft and beautiful birdsong fills the air

Flowers climb towards the rising sun

Burn brightly as they absorb…

The rains of love


This poem describes a beautiful spring! Flowers are blooming brightly! Crops are growing! The birds sing their beautiful song!…

But this poem has a half hidden meaning. The beautiful spring is happiness. And of course…

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved!”

My LEGO Creation- Mountain Climb

Grey Dagger and Rock lead as the heroes reach the top of the towering volcano! And deep down in the volcano’s crater… Scar sharpens his claws…

Angel of Fire- A Poem

Angel of Fire

Soft and beautiful notes

Present the golden morn.

Over the horizon

The sun does ascend.

A new day is born!


Majestic mountains

Do their icy caps shed.

Tulips open

To lap up the sunlight

Flashing their petals of red.


Rising higher

Into the black,

Like a lunging tiger


It’s beloved pack!


Oh, the sun’s magical light

Let us admire.


Such a beautiful crop!

An angel of fire!



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