Civilization 5: Domination and New Beginnings

After conquering Holland, Ethiopia, and the mighty Celts, and conquering the capitals of Genghis Khan and Byzantium, I finally won Domination for the first time on the Warlord setting! (The diplomatic marriage ability also helped for city states, though I did conquer a few of them without the help of it!) :D

Today, I started a new game, as the Mayans! Pacal’s ability (Long Count) is awesome, plus three Uranium mines help me guard my capital with Giant Death Robots and back my arsenals with Nukes! There is also so much space on this map, it’s unbelievable. Does anyone know, does the map get larger for the more civs you use?! … … … …

All the city states besides me are afraid. And they have reason to be! I have a mighty empire, and a strong army. By asking for tribute, I add to my treasury, which is growing 322 a turn! (top left!)

Please comment :D, and if you’re a beginner, or want to get Civ (buy here), please feel free to ask me any civ-related questions or advice! ;-)

The Maya Screenshot